Design hotel in Milan

Very often the concept of design hotel, in Milan as elsewhere, face the challenge of offering stylish solution while featuring the perfect level of comfort. At the Hotel dei Cavalieri the result is something you have to experience.

Located in the heart of the city the Hotel dei Cavalieri is a perfect example of design hotel: Milan's other design accommodation have in fact to challenge its refined elegance perfectly mixed with the most stylish creation without interfering with the highest levels of comfort.

Since 1949 the Dei Cavalieri is a design hotel in Milan aiming to offer its guests a totally satisfying and relaxing experience, letting them enjoy the full comfort of the property.

The elegant and stylish guestrooms and the public areas of the Hotel dei Cavalieri are the result of an evolution that keeps pace with the concept of design hotel. In Milan there are few other hotels that believe as we do that classic and modern can go hand in hand to give the best of themselves only if they are skilfully mixed and with an eye to satisfying the customer. We are convinced that we have succeeded in this, now we want to hear your opinion.