Luxury hotel Milan

The Hotel dei Cavalieri is just a short walk from Missori's underground station and just two hundred metres from the Cathedral, it's a point of reference for anyone seeking a luxury hotel in Milan since 1949 and its class and refinement have become in the years symbols of excellence in hospitality.

Our management believes that to become a real luxury hotel in Milan an elegant decor and an impeccable service are not enough, that's why the Hotel dei Cavalieri searches the highest levels of quality for each and every aspect of your stay. Since over sixty years this is the concept that lays behind all of our working days.

All our efforts are aimed at constantly boosting the levels of excellence in the Hotel dei Cavalieri to ensure that our luxury hotel in Milan could answer all your needs, from the catering service, that also offers approved Kosher cuisine, to the high-tech features: that's why our meeting rooms have state-of-the-art equipment and all the guestrooms have Wifi.